Chopping Made by Ralph in Canada

Canadian Rock Maple End Grain




This chopping board is brickwork in design. The end grain shows off the Canadian Rock Maple's beautiful rings while being forgiving to the most expensive of chef knives. Also available in a <a href="/board/16/canadian_rock_maple_end_grain.html">1-3/4" thick version</a>.


15-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 3/4"


All boards are reversible and oiled prior to shipping for immediate use.

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Customer Testimonial

I love the board and it looks great! Very solid and nice weight. A pleasure to use.

Really, it's been working fine. The finish dulled a little after several rinses but after applying the special wax it's back to its original sheen.

I think your comment about the "lasting a lifetime" is quite right.

Ontario, Canada
May 2006

Canadian Rock Maple End Grain Canadian Rock Maple End Grain Canadian Rock Maple End Grain