Chopping Made by Ralph in Canada


End Grain Menagerie

Blood Wood Custom Order

Hi Ralph. Wow!! What incredible service!!!!
[...] If someone needs your services I will be telling them about you.

Thank you again.


Edge Grain Menagerie

Hi Ralph. I want to thank you and your wife for bringing up the cutting board. It looks great with the kitchen that is partially there.
Hope to talk to you soon.

Ralph was so easy to deal with and did things that were not even asked for at no charge. He even delivered the board in person with his wife.
If you need any work done Ralph is definitely the guy to go to. You will not be disappointed.


Jatobe and Maple Butcher Block

I just wanted to let you know that I got one of your cutting boards years ago. I use it every day, and I love it!


End Grain Angled Menagerie

Hi there. I was thinking I should get back to you tonight and let you know the boards arrived safe and sound. That was some of the best packaging I've ever seen!

I'm very satisfied with the 2 boards, you do some great work! I'll take good care of them as I appreciate what time and attention to detail you've put into them. Take care.


Birch, Wenge, and Cherry Custom

Hi Ralph-Greg here. The board arrived in a perfect shape! I was very impressed with the way it was wrapped and protected-not a scratch or dent at all. The board is a center piece on my countertop in a kitchen. Everybody in family and especially my wife are very impressed. Needles to say I am very happy and I thank You for Your exceptional workmanship!!! It has been a pleasure to deal with a professional. All the best!!!


Custom Edge Grain Walnut

Hi Ralph:

I picked up the package today and the board is AMAZING!! It's beautiful and I appreciate the care instructions that came with it. The packaging was great.

Thank you soooo much! Happy holidays,

Montreal, Quebec
December 2014

Canadian Rock Maple, Cherry & African Mahagony

I received my cutting board the other day. Thank you. Truly and an amazing board. I don't believe I would ever find a better crafted or more beautiful cutting board. Built by a craftsman "Meister" who know his art.

Ontario, Canada
October 2007

Walnut & Canadian Rock Maple Navaho Mosaic

Jon bought this board as a Christmas gift for his brother.

Jon & May
Ontario, Canada
December 2006

Canadian Rock Maple & Walnut End Grain

Thank you so much. We did receive the board when expected and it is gorgeous. It had been ordered as as very special wedding gift and we know it will be held in honor in their home. We will keep you in mind for the future.

Ontario, Canada
April 2007

Custom: Canadian Rock Maple & Walnut End Grain


A truly stunning piece of work. It is more impressive than the pictures on your website. It arrived this morning, while some friends stopped over for coffee and conversation and they too, were amazed at the quality of your work and the selection of the wood. I promise I will take great care of this board. It will be on display in the kitchen when not in use (it is almost too beautiful to use).

I will refer you to others when I hear the conversation is focusing on chopping boards I couldn't be more pleased and thanks for your time, interest, and your cooperation in making the size. I am very proud to say that I am the owner of one of your chopping boards.

With great gratitude and respect,

Ohio, USA
June 2006

Maple and Walnut chopping board

Ralph's beautiful endgrain chopping board takes pride of place on my kitchen counter. It is much admired as the work of a master craftsman by all who visit. Besides a great talking point it is such a pleasure to use. Cutting is smooth and effortless, and it is so easy to clean.
How did I live without it all these years? The smooth juxtaposition of the two woods is a work of rare beauty, clearly made by someone who loves the look and feel of the wood. Thank you Ralph for an everlasting gift that I will continue to enjoy for many years to come.

United Kingdom
November 2012

Canadian Rock Maple, Cherry & Walnut Matabele

Hi Ralph,
Yes, it came early last week as you said, and packed perfectly, not a scratch on it! I gave it to my hubby Friday, so wanted to make sure he was pleased with it (as I was) before I e-mailed you back. It's absolutely beautiful, and is already being used on a daily basis. The quality is just incomparable with anything we've ever seen! Thank-you again for shipping so promptly. I've been recommending your work to friends and family!

Manitoba, Canada
August 2011

Canadian Rock Maple with Purple Heart



I was out of town for a week and it was here when I returned. My husband didn't open it because he saved it for me to do.

It is perfect, beautiful and in good condition.

Thanks again!

Ontario, Canada
April 2011

Rock Maple End Grain

Hi Ralph,

I just wanted to let you know that we've received the cutting board and we love it. It's absolutely amazing how beautiful it actually is. It is beyond expectations. You obviously put a lot of thought in placing every piece of wood to make a very interesting pattern. I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends.

Thank you very much,

Quebec, Canada
April 2011

Canadian Rock Maple & Walnut

I received the boards yesterday. They are beautiful and a pleasure to use. I really appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into woodworking.

Ontario, Canada
January 2008

Canadian Rock Maple End Grain

I love the board and it looks great! Very solid and nice weight. A pleasure to use.

Really, it's been working fine. The finish dulled a little after several rinses but after applying the special wax it's back to its original sheen.

I think your comment about the "lasting a lifetime" is quite right.

Ontario, Canada
May 2006

Canadian Rock Maple, Cherry & Walnut Matabele

... The board is fantastic. Thanks so much ... you have a great talent there. It's for my wife's birthday, and I'm sure she will love it.

July 2007

Canadian Rock Maple End Grain

Hi Ralph,
We received the board today & it's just beautiful. Thank you again.

Florida, USA
July 2006

Custom: All Canadian Rock Maple End Grain


I received the FedEx shipment last Friday. I have a small "problem"... I ordered a chopping board and I received a work of art. I don't know how I will be able able to cut vegetables on something that should be hanged on a wall or left on a coffee table to admire. It will probably take a few days before I use it... The board is so beautiful! No pictures on your site can do justice to your boards... The colors, wood grains and surface polish are incredible.

English is not my first language. So my grammar or syntax may be faulty but my admiration for your work is sincere. I will take good care of my "heirloom" new board. Thank you very much once again,

A very happy customer,
Quebec, Canada
January 2007

Custom: Sink Shaped Canadian Rock Maple & Walnut

The value of your expertise is worth at least this much to me.

California, USA
May 2006

Canadian Rock Maple, Cherry & African Mahogany

Received the board. Thanks so much!! It is just beautiful.

Ontario, Canada
June 2006