Chopping Made by Ralph in Canada

Use and Care

A lot of work and attention to detail goes into every board I make. With proper care your new board can be handed down from one generation to the next.

Each board comes with a small amount of my own formulated food safe wood wax, which is a mixture of natural bee's wax to repel water and mineral oil to seal against bacteria and moisture. Additional wax can be purchased separately, here, from The wax should be applied once a week.


Storing Your Board

Cleaning Your Board

Applying Wood Wax

  1. Ensure the board is completely dry.

  2. Use a soft cloth and rub in the wax using a circular motion.

  3. Let the board stand overnight and wipe off the excess.

Applying Mineral Oil (Instead of Wood Wax)

  1. Ensure the board is completely dry.

  2. Rub a generous coat on both sides and let it soak in overnight.

  3. Buff the excess off and it should be ready to use.

How to Deal with Odors